FAQ - Sydney painting companies


We have been in this field for a long period and you can vouch for a quality work from us. Our experts will plan out a customised layout for you so that, you are not disappointed at all. We also clean up the working area after completion of the work.

We do provide customised work over the weekend for elite customers and on demand. We keep a liberal mindset to keep our customers happy.

Usually, we offer work during the office hours. However, for some potential customers, we do provide service over the weekends on contract.

We advise removing all your personal belonging before we start painting. The other materials will be covered with plastic sheets or cloths. While doing exterior painting we will cover the adjacent places and trees.

Removing all the important and fragile items is advisable before we start working on the site. Other immovable articles will be protected by plastic sheets.

We will provide total assistance while choosing the right shade for your exterior and interior painting.

We offer a variety of paint sheen starting from standard sheen to high gloss. The sheens are categorised by their reflective property.

We vouch to provide all kinds of services regarding signage of any shape, size and design. We guarantee to provide quality work within the time for sure.

Presently, as all stay busy with their work during the day, it is natural for us to work in an empty house. You can be assured of the safety and security of the house while the keys are with us.

A fresh coat of painting will last for 5-10 years without any retouch. However, you may need to redo it depending on the climate of the area.

Before commencing the work, we make sure get all the information about the weather. However, if it rains during the work, we stop the work immediately and regain the work only when it decreases.

The latex paint takes lesser time to dry than the oil-based paint. Generally, it will take a couple of hours for the paints to dry and overnight, the paint will be saturated.